BMC Commitment to Diversity

The Brevard Music Center is committed to the principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging to promote a richer and deeper communal experience for our students, faculty, guest artists, staff, audiences, and Board of Trustees.

Brevard Music Center believes that an equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment leads to excellence in educating musicians and accomplishing the BMC mission and vision. We will continue to create the highest standards for artistic quality and creative expression, while instituting and supporting policies and practices that foster and promote knowledge, respect, and understanding of all cultures. These practices should be evident in programming, recruitment, scholarship, hiring and retention practices, and in policies for students, employees, and trustees.

The Brevard Music Center knows well the power of music. We are committed to using that power, through specific and measurable actions, to contribute to our nation and our world.

Our Community

Brevard Music Center strives to build active partnerships both on and off campus. Recent on-campus activities include:

  • Educational presentations and picnic for students in the community afterschool group Rise & Shine
  • In-person and virtual forums with pianist Lara Downes, who is fiercely committed to arts advocacy, mentorship, and education
  • Discussions led by Stanford Thompson, Executive Director of Play On Philly, during a multi-day residency
  • Curated board conversations with Candace Dodson-Reed, a nationally-recognized consultant and facilitator
  • Fundraising concert to support the Cindy Platt Boys & Girls Club
  • Ongoing initiatives providing free concert tickets for Community Partners including Rise & Shine, NAACP, El Centro, Boys & Girls Club, and more

Opportunity Scholarship

Students of Black and Latinx descent are eligible for the BMC Opportunity Scholarship. Brevard established this special scholarship several years ago to assist historically underrepresented populations in the study of music. This award is given in addition to pre-existing merit and/or financial aid scholarships, and students may apply for the scholarship in the Financial Aid section of the online application. 

Selected Partnerships & Collaborations

The Brevard Music Center is an Artistic Collaborator of the Sphinx Organization. BMC presents a winner of the annual Sphinx Competition each summer as a Sphinx Soloist Partner. BMC also offers full-tuition scholarships to finalists and semi-finalists of the annual Sphinx Competition.


BMC and the Primavera Fund provide substantial scholarships to deserving students who are accepted to BMC and choose to attend – no cost to attend for the student.  



Ongoing partnership with the Juilliard School's Music Advancement Program. BMC and MAP work together to provide sufficient scholarships to deserving students to attend BMC, with no cost for the student.

New partnership with the Cleveland Institute of Music's pre-college Musical Pathway Fellowship program to provide substantial scholarship support.

Founding member, active program member, and scholarship partner of Equity Arc (Formerly NIMAN). Brevard Music Center also has a member on the Equity Arc Board of Directors.


The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Talent Development Program is one of the longest-running, year-round musical education diversity programs. BMC and TDP work together to identify applicants and provide sufficient scholarships to deserving students who are accepted to BMC and choose to attend.


The Nashville Symphony's Accelerando initiative creates professional opportunities for musicians of diverse ethnic backgrounds. BMC and Accelerando cover all costs for students who are accepted to BMC and choose to attend with no cost to attend for the student.  



BMC partners with Project 440, an organization that provides comprehensive music instruction in Philadelphia. BMC and Project 440 work together to provide substantial scholarships and travel assistance.



The Philadelphia Music Alliance for Youth (PMAY) has a specialized Artists’ Initiative that provides students with financial support. Combined funding from PMAY and BMC help make it possible for students to attend our summer training program.