Parker Concert Hall

The Parker Concert Hall

BMC's New Lakeside Performance and Multi-Purpose Event Space

Brevard Music Center's breathtaking new lakeside structure–its first major construction project in more than 50 years–makes its long-awaited debut. Overlooking scenic Lake Milner and designed by Platt Architecture PA, the $6 million Parker Concert Hall is BMC's first ever year-round performance venue and the first multi-purpose event space built since Whittington-Pfohl Auditorium in 1964.

The Parker Concert Hall serves as the summer home of BMC's growing piano, chamber, classical guitar, and jazz programming. Featuring excellent acoustics and a seating capacity of 400, the hall's retractable modular system from Belgium allows for ultimate flexibility in floor plan design as well as transform the hall into an accommodating multi-purpose space for performances, community gatherings, business retreats, and a wide variety of special events and celebrations. Catering and banquet options are available for up to 250 individuals. Tickets are on sale now for the current season of the Parker Concert Hall Series, which runs October through May.

"The joy of seeing aspiring musicians, in the company of other like-minded youth, became an inspiration to us," said Drs. Tom and Joanne Parker, lead sponsors of the Parker Concert Hall. The concept of a building that would meet student needs represented a melding of the Parkers' strong belief in active philanthropy (a bi-directional process of mutually shared ideas and common interests) with the overall strategy and mission of BMC. "The Brevard Music Center—with its mission, vision, and values—seemed the perfect place to express those interests. The national standing of BMC within summer musical festivals for youth is quite remarkable. This new hall anchors its position, even enhancing it, and provides an even greater attraction for national and international students to attend."

The new Parker Concert Hall serves as a dramatic, natural setting for year-round performances and events that not only enrich the lives of our residents but also drive dollars to local businesses in our community. "With this inspiring addition to its 181-acre campus, Brevard Music Center reinforces its presence as a vital and integral part of our community's cultural fabric and its international reputation as a sought-after designation for artistic excellence in education and programming," said Brevard Mayor Jimmy Harris at the April 2019 groundbreaking ceremony. "Brevard Music Center's new concert hall will be a tremendous asset to Transylvania County as both a performance space and community-builder," added County Commissioner Mike Hawkins. "I applaud the Music Center for its vision and for its ongoing dedication to providing yet another welcoming space to local non-profits and organizations who share a mutual commitment to making Brevard a better place to live and work."

To learn how you can help support this effort, please contact Dave Perrett in the Development Office at [email protected] or 828-862-2121.