Associate Head Librarian

Dates of Employment: June 10 - August 6, 2024
Reports To: Head Librarian
Supports: Artistic Director, Conductors, Library Staff, Operations Staff, Ensembles Manager, Musicians.


The Associate Head Librarian reports to the Head Librarian and provides a leadership role and overall guidance in the operation of the library. The Associate Head Librarian may be assigned to serve in the role of principal librarian for one or more of Brevard's performing ensembles. The Associate Head Librarian may also be assigned chamber music duties. Responsibilities will include (but not be limited to) serving as librarian for assigned ensemble(s), editing and marking of parts, distribution and collection of parts, preparation of performance folders, photocopying, rehearsal/concert duty, and assisting overseeing of music library operations and projects.

Music Preparation

  • Assist in all aspects of music preparation, including but not limited to editing, proofreading, marking parts, and distribution. 
  • As assigned by the Head Librarian: work with conductors and soloists to prepare music according to their specific requirements. 
  • Work with the Head Librarian to ensure that orchestra parts meet acceptable standards; parts must be legible and must show appropriate rehearsal letters, numbers, and measure numbers. 
  • Ensure that there are enough parts. 
  • Ensure that markings in parts agree with the conductor's score and the players' parts. 
  • Assemble and arrange music in orchestra folders. 
  • Provide study parts and scores for musicians as appropriate and reasonable. 
  • Prepare music for BMC chamber groups.

Concert / Rehearsal Duties

  • Ensure that all musicians have music. 
  • Distribute and collect music. 
  • Transport folders that have not been retrieved by musicians. 
  • Distribute folders at least 30 minutes before a service. 
  • Set conductor's scores when necessary. 
  • After each rehearsal, consult with the conductor and string principals on possible bowing changes, mistakes to be corrected in the parts, poor page turns, etc. 
  • Assist conductors and musicians with issues related to printed music.

Orchestra Library Maintenance and Administration

  • Assist in the maintenance of the Music Center's collection of scores and parts; repair and maintain music and folders. 
  • As assigned by the Head Librarian: Catalog and file music purchased for the orchestra library, maintain accurate inventory, and ensure adequate security. 
  • Track all items borrowed from the library, i.e., individual parts, scores, reference materials; insure their timely return. 
  • Assist in the overseeing of student library workers.


  • Previous music library experience is required. 
  • Ability to read music is required. 
  • The Associate Head Librarian must be able to work well under pressure, willing to take directions and requests from many people, and to prioritize task, especially during rush periods all while maintaining a positive attitude and working well as a team member.


  • Complete satisfactory background check 
  • Must have valid state driver's license and possess a clean driving record 
  • Completed college degree or substantial progress towards a degree

Compensation: includes a season stipend paid bi-weekly, full board, and on-campus housing.

Review of applications will begin on January 15, 2024, and continue until the positions are filled.

Any questions can be directed to:

Alex Lane
Artistic Administrator
Brevard Music Center
(828) 862-2146
[email protected]

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