Accommodation Terms of Use

  1. Brevard Music Center ("BMC") reserves the right to permit use of its facilities by Guests for functions approved by BMC administration.
  2. Accommodation fees are determined per event and facility basis and are set at the discretion of BMC. A scale of accommodation fees will be presented at the time of offer.
  3. The guest is responsible for any and all damages that occur as a result of the stay including damages to the building, fixtures, equipment, and personal property. A damage/cleanup charge will be required by BMC to cover damage or cleanup costs that may be incurred.
  4. BMC is not liable for any failure to provide the agreed services or facilities due to any event or circumstance beyond the control of BMC, such as weather, electrical outage, etc. Any such non-performance shall be excused and the agreement may be terminated without further liability, upon return of any prorated prepayment.
  5. Smoking is not permitted on the Brevard Music Center campus. Evidence of smoking in cabins will result in a penalty charge of $200.
  6. Guns, weapons, explosives, and incendiary devices are not permitted on the Brevard Music Center campus.

Accommodation Fees Refund Policy

BMC will issue a full refund 10 days prior to arrival date.

  1. Accommodation fees (the total nightly rate, fees, and taxes) are refundable in certain circumstances as outlined below.
  2. Cancellation policies may be superseded by extenuating circumstances, or cancellations by BMC for any other reason permitted under the Terms of Use.
  3. Applicable sales and occupancy taxes will be retained and remitted.
  4. For a full refund of accommodation fees, cancellation must be made ten full days prior to your check in time (or 3:00 p.m. if not specified) on the day of check in.
  5. If the guest cancels less than 5 days in advance, the first night is non-refundable but 50% of the accommodation fees for remaining nights will be refunded.
  6. If the guest arrives and decides to leave early, 50% of the accommodation fees for the nights not spent 24 hours after the cancellation occurs are refunded.