Frequently Asked Questions

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Admissions (still accepting applications, timelines, international students)
Scholarships & Tuition (what types of scholarships, outside resources, how to pay tuition, refunds)
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When does the application open?

Applications for 2024 are still available in certain programs (see the Institute homepage)! Applications typically open in mid-October each year for the following summer. Start your application and come back to it at any time at MyBMC

When is the application deadline? 

Application deadlines vary by program, but here's an overview for 2024: 

January 28 - College Opera
February 15 - Orchestral Studies, Composition
March 15 - High School Voice, Classical Guitar, Jazz Institute, Piano, Collaborative Piano, Saxophone, Low Brass Seminar, Flute Seminar

Are you still accepting applications for my instrument?

Brevard accepts applications in certain instruments or voice types until all spots are filled. For a list of our current openings, please see the Institute homepage.

Am I eligible for the college division?

The College Division is for students ages 18 through 29 who will have completed at least one year as a full-time college student by the start date of their program. In addition to current undergraduates, many students at BMC have graduated or are presently enrolled for graduate study. The High School Division includes rising freshmen and graduating seniors.

Can I apply to more than one program?

Definitely! For example, we've had many Jazz Institute, Low Brass Seminar, and Flute Seminar students also attend the Orchestral Institutes, and high school singers who attended both the Classical Voice and Musical Theater programs. Please feel free to contact [email protected] for assistance in applying to multiple programs.

Do you offer early admissions?

Yes, for applicants in piano and in violin. Visit our Early Admissions page for more information!

When will I receive my admission decision for the upcoming season?

Notification of an audition decision may occur at any time after the audition has been evaluated. All notifications will be sent via email. For most programs, notifications will go out within 2-3 weeks of the application deadline for each program. The admissions process continues until all slots are filled.

If you are up against a decision deadline for another program, please reach out to us at [email protected] and we will do our best to work with you for an earlier notification.

Can international students attend Brevard?

Yes, we welcome your application! International students from over 30 countries have attended programs at Brevard over the past decade. Following your enrollment, if requested Brevard can send you a letter that will assist you in acquiring a B1/B2 Visa for summer study.

Should I send a letter of recommendation from my private teacher?

No, letters of recommendation are not necessary for any program.

What does it mean if I'm placed on the waiting list?

It doesn't mean anything negative! Brevard can enroll only a precise number of students in each instrument or program. Some students are accepted immediately, some are denied immediately, and the rest are placed on the waiting list. When someone who was accepted declines our offer, we admit another student from the waiting list. An applicant's status on the waiting list is not disclosed. Calling the Admissions Office will not increase your chances or speed things up; your patience is greatly appreciated as we move through the process.

What is the Concertmaster Studio?

BMC's Concertmaster Studio provides a select group of violin students with the opportunity to study with some of the world's greatest concertmasters. See our Concertmaster Studio page for more information.

Scholarships & Tuition

What level of scholarship should I expect to receive?

Brevard offers scholarship support according to merit and to need, so the amount varies by program and from student to student. In recent years, Brevard has provided scholarship support to more than 70% of its students. 

What is the difference between merit and need-based scholarships?

Merit awards based on your audition, which is uploaded directly to your application as a YouTube link or audio file. You do not need to fill out the financial aid portion of the application to be considered for a merit scholarship.

Need-based scholarship support is awarded as work study. Work study students complete between 2 to 5 hours of assigned duties per week during the season, depending upon the amount of the award and program need. Students may work as music library assistants, administrative assistants, in parking, as technical assistants, or as ushers. Various other activities are available according to qualifications, including the New Music Ensemble (college students only). 

To be considered for need-based scholarship (work study) you must complete the financial aid portion of the online application. Many students receive a combination of merit awards and need-based aid.

What is the BMC Opportunity Scholarship?

The BMC Opportunity Scholarship is designed to assist historically underrepresented populations in the study of music. Open to students of Black and Latinx descent, the BMC Opportunity Scholarship program seeks to help these young musicians overcome financial obstacles that might prevent them from achieving their full potential. BMC Opportunity Scholarships are awarded in conjunction with financial aid. Students may apply for the scholarship in the Financial Aid section of the online application. Learn more about our Commitment to Diversity.

Where else can I look for scholarship assistance?

There are many places that can help you, if you do some research and reach out. Your own school, youth orchestra, local music clubs, civic and religious organizations, rotary clubs, and even private businesses might provide scholarship assistance for summer study. Be creative and professional, and begin seeking assistance early. Scholarship recitals can also be a great way to help raise funds!

Here are some scholarship resources that might be useful for summer programs and/or other university study:

When is tuition due? Can I get a refund?

Tuition is due by May 1 for the Adult Classical Guitar Workshop, and by May 15 for all other programs. You can make a single payment or multiple payments before the deadline; BMC covers the cost of the transaction fees.

The application fee and program enrollment fee are non-refundable. All other payments, that is except the application fee and the enrollment fee, will be fully refunded if the Center receives notice of cancellation due to serious illness before May 15. Written verification from an M.D. is required before a refund can be made. No reduction in fees can be made for late arrival or early departure. No refunds will be made after May 15.

How do I pay tuition? Can someone mail a check?

Payment can be made online by signing into your MyBMC application page, or you can mail a check to the address below. If you mail a check, please make the check out to "Brevard Music Center." Be sure to write the Program name and the full name of the student in the memo field.

Mail check to:
Brevard Music Center
ATTN Admissions Dept
P.O. Box 312
Brevard, NC 28712

Once the check is received, we will apply it directly to the student’s tuition and update their MyBMC account. If you have received an outside scholarship and need an invoice, please let the Admissions Office know the amount and organization's name and we can generate one for you.

Campus Life

Which airport do I fly into? Is there an airport shuttle? 

BMC provides a shuttle service for students from the Asheville, North Carolina airport (AVL) to the Brevard Music Center. There is a $15 fee each way, for pick-up and for drop-off. Students can request this service through MyBMC after enrolling. If you fly into another airport, you will need to find your own transportation to Brevard. 

Please note: When registering for a shuttle, list the time printed on your ticket. Shuttle groups are organized by BMC using the exact arrival/departure times, so please do not estimate your own pick-up or drop-off windows. You will receive an email 1-3 days before your arrival or departure with more detailed shuttle information and a day-of contact phone number for BMC residence life staff.

Can I bring a car? 

High school division participants are not allowed to have a car on campus. College division participants may drive to the Music Center (free parking provided). 

When is Arrival and Departure? 

Please note that BMC cannot accommodate early arrivals. The 2024 Arrival and Departure dates and times are as follows:

Opera: Arrival Sun, June 2 (check-in between Noon-4:30pm). Departure Mon, August 5.

Jazz: Arrival Tues, June 4 (check-in between 10am-5pm). Departure following the concert Fri, June 14 or on Sat, June 15 (depart dorms by 10am). Jazz RAs arrive Mon, June 3 around noon and depart Sat June 15 after noon.

Low Brass Seminar; Flute Seminar; AGW: Arrival Sun, June 9 (check-in between Noon-4pm). Departure Sat, June 15 (depart dorms/housing by 10am).

Core Season Resident Assistants: Arrival Mon, June 10 (check-in between 10am-4pm). Departure Tues, August 6. 

College Orchestral; Collaborative Piano: Arrival Mon, June 17 (check-in between 11am-5pm). Departure Mon, August 5.

High School Orchestral; Composition: Arrival Fri, June 21 (check-in between Noon-5pm). Departure following the concert Fri, August 2 or anytime Sat, Sun, or Mon. All students must depart by Mon, August 5.

Full Session Piano; Full Session Saxophone: Arrival Fri, June 21 (check-in between Noon-5pm), Departure Mon, August 5.
Half Session 1 Piano; Half Session 1 Saxophone; Voice - Musical Theater: Arrival Fri, June 21 (check-in between Noon-5pm), Departure Sat, July 13 (depart dorms by 10am).
Half Session 2 Piano; Half Session 2 Saxophone; Voice - Classical: Arrival Sat, July 13 (check-in between 1-5pm), departure Mon, August 5.

Full Session Classical Guitar: Arrival Fri, June 21 (check-in between Noon-5pm), departure Sat, July 20.
Half Session 1 Classical Guitar: Arrival Fri, June 21 (check-in between Noon-5pm), departure Sat, July 6 (depart dorms by 10am).
Half Session 2 Classical Guitar: Arrival Sat, July 6 (check-in between 1-5pm), departure Sat, July 20.

What should I pack / When will I receive a packing list?

Student handbooks are released in each student's MyBMC account by late April each year. These contain valuable information about what to bring, what to expect, and many more details about campus life at Brevard.

Can I bring a computer and a cell phone?

You can bring a laptop or tablet, but it isn't necessary. If you do, you will find several wireless hotspots on campus.

Yes, you can bring a cell phone. Because of the surrounding mountainous terrain, cell phone service can be spotty in some areas of the campus.

What are the housing and facilities like?

Learn more at About Our Campus.

Are religious services available?

Yes - the town of Brevard is home to a wide variety of faiths and denominations. Students who wish to attend services may carpool with other students, or make their own transportation arrangements through the desired religious institution. Some area churches send vans to meet students and bring them back to campus afterwards. Services are not held on campus.

How do I get to off-campus events?

Transportation will be provided for students involved in a limited number of outreach events at off-campus venues, as well as group recreational activities.

What is the mailing or shipping address for Brevard?

If you or an outside scholarship organization are sending a check payment:

  • Check payments should be sent to:
    Brevard Music Center 
    ATTN: Admissions Dept
    P.O. Box 312
    Brevard, NC 28712

    Please write it out to Brevard Music Center and include the student/participant name in the memo field.

If you are sending a letter or package to a student during the summer season:

  • Checks, letters, or other items from the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) should be sent to:
    Student Name
    Brevard Music Center 
    P.O. Box 312
    Brevard, NC 28712

  • Packages delivered by courier (FedEx, UPS, RPS, Amazon) should be sent to:
    Student Name
    Brevard Music Center 
    349 Andante Lane 
    Brevard, NC 28712 

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Admissions (still accepting applications, timelines, international students)
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Campus Life (airport shuttles, arrival/departure dates, packing, housing, mailing address)

Have more questions? Contact [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!