Nick O'Toole

Nick O’Toole is the co-owner and sound engineer for independent, jazz record label Posi-Tone Records.  Since 2006, O’Toole has recorded, mixed and mastered over 200 Posi-Tone albums. Along with label founder/producer Marc Free, O’Toole has been instrumental in building Posi-Tone into a go-to label for some of the best modern jazz recordings by up-and-comers as well as established artists.

Raised and educated in Arizona, O’Toole studied business at the University of Arizona and worked in commercial finance and commercial real estate in Phoenix for eight years. After following his passion for music and an education in audio engineering at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences (CRAS), O’Toole moved to Los Angeles to pursue audio engineering full-time. Working as a freelance sound engineer in different genres and studios in L.A., he met Free at a show where his rock band M.F. Bird was playing. They immediately connected with their love for music and the record-making process. He soon partnered with Free at his young label and they began traveling to New York City, making jazz albums and revving-up Posi-Tone using Alfred Lion’s Blue Note Records as a playbook. With his business acumen, O’Toole was well-equipped for the challenges of running a record label in an ever-changing music business climate. In 2011, O’Toole relocated to the Portland, Oregon area, where he continues to run the label while mixing and mastering the audio for every Posi-Tone release.