Jim Alfredson


Jazz Institute

Jim Alfredson (Lansing, MI) comes from a musical family. His father earned a living as a professional musician for many years and encouraged Jim's talents from a very young age. Jim began writing his own songs at the age of eight on a Yamaha organ. A score of synthesizers and multitrack machines followed until he came full circle at sixteen and began lusting after the sound of the Hammond organ once again. Jim has immersed himself in the study of the mighty Hammond B3 ever since, dedicated to uncovering new directions within the deep tradition of the instrument.

For 10 years, Jim served as organist and musical director of the highly successful, award-winning rhythm & blues band Root Doctor (1999-2009) producing three CDs for the band. Jim formed the jazz trio organissimo in 2000.

In 2009 Jim released a very limited edition solo CD dedicated to the memory of his father called In Memorandom. Nagy's sophomore released Fell Towards None found Jim back in the engineer and producer role. Nagy's third album, Stranded, is produced and engineered by Jim as well as featuring his original songs and performances. From 2010 to 2014, Jim served as the keyboardist and primary background vocalist in the touring band for blues singer Janiva Magness. In 2012, Jim successfully crowd-funded the organissimo CD "Dedicated", released in January of 2013. In October 2013, Jim released his a solo project entitled Jim Alfredson's Dirty Fingers. Jim's latest project is called THEO and is a progressive rock band performing original material written by Jim.

Jim is a Hammond-Suzuki endorsed artist and played the Hammond XK-3 with the full XK System and the Leslie 3300 on most organissimo gigs up until 2012. He now uses the Hammond SK2 with organissimo. For his shows with Janiva Magness, Jim is using the Hammond SK1. After years of lugging around a real B3, Jim applauds the new Hammond organs not only as back-savers, but extremely flexable instruments that still retain the classic Hammond tonewheel sound. Jim is also endorsed by Casio and uses their wonderful line of Privia digital pianos on the road with Janiva and organissimo, as well as in his home studio. And Jim is endorsed by Neo Instruments, makers of the Ventilator rotary speaker simulator.