Volunteer FAQ

What is the Brevard Music Center Association (BMCA) Volunteer Commitment?
  • Volunteering with the Brevard Music Center is a serious commitment and requires hours of additional training time, especially for those who have opted to join a Concert Committee. We would love to have you as a BMCA volunteer, but please consider the time commitment before you sign up.
  • Volunteers may sign up for a maximum of two concert committees including Concessions, Harmony Gifts, Maestro Lounge, Ushers, and Welcome Raffle. Volunteers may also join non-concert committees including Deliveries/Special Projects, Facilities, Landscape, Volunteer Office, Photography/Communications, and Special Events. Committee descriptions are available on the BMC Volunteer page.
  • Volunteers for concert committees are expected to sign up for a minimum number of performances which will be explained to you by your Committee Chairs.
  • During April, all concert volunteers are required to attend VicNet training, the online concert scheduling system used by Brevard Music Center. Self-scheduling for concerts follows in early May. Non-concert committees are most active from April-June. Committee orientation sessions take place April-May with most occurring before or after the Welcome Luncheon and Orientation in late May.
Will I be assigned to specific dates/performances?
  • Volunteers sign up for concert dates based on their availability using an online scheduling system. Self-scheduling is done during a 2-3 week period at the beginning of May.
  • BMCA system administrators provide in-person, zoom and on-line training sessions for VicNet during April. All concert committee volunteers, both new and returning, are expected to attend training and be comfortable using VicNet scheduling for performances.
Where are the volunteer venues?
  • There are 3 performance venues affiliated with the Brevard Music Center, the Whittingham Pfohl Auditorium and Parker Concert Hall on the BMC campus and the Porter Center at Brevard College.
  • Typically, there are 60+ summer performances across all the venues.
Are volunteers offered training?
  • Both new and returning volunteers are offered training by their respective concert committee chairs.
  • Typically, the Tuesday after Memorial Day is designated as the Welcome Luncheon and Orientation for all BMCA volunteers. On this day, all concert committees hold required training sessions. Shirts that were ordered and new nametags are distributed during registration for this event.
  • All new volunteers are assigned to work with veteran volunteers as mentors.
Will I be able to see the performance?
  • Each concert committee volunteer receives a free concert ticket (subject to availability) for a BMC-designated seat when the volunteer is working. If a concert is sold out, the volunteer will receive a ticket for lawn seating at WPA, or obstructed view seats or standing room only at Parker Concert Hall or Porter Center.
  • Volunteers typically are able to see the entire performance. Concert volunteers are required to work before the concert and during intermission. They are permitted to watch the performance during the first half but are still considered to be on duty. After intermission, they are free to stay for the second half or leave. The exception are Usher Committee volunteers who are required to stay and work the entire performance.
What do volunteers wear at concerts?
  • Volunteers on most concert committees wear a blue BMCA Volunteer polo or longsleeve shirt and khaki pants/skirts at concerts. No shorts are allowed.
  • The blue BMCA Volunteer shirt can be purchased when registering as a volunteer. The cost is typically $25.00 and is required if you are a new volunteer and do not have one.
  • Maestro Lounge volunteers wear white shirts and black pants/skirts when volunteering.
What are the perks?
  • Concert committee volunteers will receive a ticket to watch an event when volunteering at a concert as described under the Will I be able to see the performance section.
  • Active non-concert committee volunteers (who do not serve on any concert committees) receive two vouchers that can be exchanged for concert tickets during the summer season. Some exclusions may apply.
  • At the close of the season, volunteers are offered two tickets to the final Friday night concert and are invited to a post-concert reception with great food and beverages. At the reception, outstanding volunteers are recognized. This is our annual Volunteer Appreciation celebration and is put on by the Brevard Music Center.
How can I learn more about BMCA?
  • You can learn more about the Brevard Music Center Association’s mission, organization, events and expectations by reading the Volunteer Handbook.
How do I register to become a volunteer?
  • Online registration is open for a 4-week period from mid-February to mid-March every year. Current volunteers receive an email announcement with a registration link in February.
  • New volunteers inquiries are tracked year round. If you are interested in becoming a BMCA volunteer, send an email to volunteer@brevardmusic.org and request that a registration form be sent to you in February.
  • All volunteers must register each year by submitting the online registration form.
Important Dates
  • Annual Registration: February – March
  • Required Annual VicNet Training: April
  • Self-scheduling Period: Beginning of May
  • Summer Festival Season: June – August