A Challenge Among Friends

Setting the Stage for a Thriving Future

Here at Brevard, our picturesque setting provides the perfect backdrop for unforgettable performances, transformative experiences, and magical memories.

Never in its history has Brevard Music Center undertaken such an essential and comprehensive initiative as A Challenge Among Friends, an effort that has secured $4.9 million in support of identified projects totaling between $5 and $6 million to address the most critical needs across our 180-acre campus.

At this moment in our history, our beloved campus is in urgent need of renewal and restoration in order to give students, faculty, artists, and patrons a home that is adequate for inspirational music making. Many of the 150 buildings throughout our campus – including dorms, faculty housing, teaching and practice facilities, and performance spaces – are in dire need of updating, renovation, and replacement.

Improving our campus is essential to maintaining Brevard's artistic excellence and international reputation as a destination for the learning and love of music. When you choose to support A Challenge Among Friends, you invest in the ambition and drive of our talented students of today, and the future of classical music for generations to come. Your support, through commitments payable over up to five years, is needed and will make the difference. Please join other Music Center friends and make a pledge. To learn how you can help, contact Dave Perrett at 828-862-2121 or dperrett@brevardmusic.org.