The Sencalar / Glassman Quintet

The Sencalar / Glassman Quintet is comprised of co-leaders Altin Sencalar and Chris Glassman. The two trombonists met during their graduate degree course work at Michigan State University. The Sencalar/Glassman Quintet has performed at Moriarty's Pub and Grill as guest artists for "Jazz Tuesday's," Soggy Bottom bar as a part of their weekly jazz night, the 2018 Lansing Jazz Festival, and recently finished their "Welcome Home" educational tour where they performed and taught students jazz at all East Lansing elementary schools. The tour was based on the Detroit jazz scene's mantra of "each one teach one." This tour was generously sponsored by the East Lansing Cultural Arts Grant FY19 and Michigan State University's Running Start Grant, and Michigan State University Jazz Studies program. The Quintet is also excited to make their debut appearance at the 2019 Detroit Jazz Festival. The quintet derives its musical identity from the late great JJ Johnson & Kai Winding Jazz Trombone Quintet as well as Slide Hampton, Curtis Fuller, Frank Rosolino, and present day masters Steve Turre, Steve Davis, Michael Dease, and numerous others. The Sencalar/Glassman Quintet strives to pay homage to the tradition of jazz and the greats before them. The quintet will be performing music from their recently recorded debut album as a group which features Detroit's own, Rodney Whitaker, Michale Dease, and some of jazz musics rising stars Zachary Adleman, Nathan Borton, and Addison Frei.