Admission to the Brevard Music Center is determined by audition. Most students audition for Brevard by submitting a recording. (Composers submit a dossier of works.) Brevard conducts limited live auditions for students applying to the Opera program.

  • Instrumentalists, except percussionists, may submit audio recordings or post a video audition to YouTube. (YouTube auditions must contain video.) Audio recordings must be uploaded to our server.
  • Guitarists and percussionists must post a video audition to YouTube.
  • Composers must upload scores and recordings to our server.
  • Opera singers may audition live in Boston, Brevard, Chicago, or New York City; or post a video audition to YouTube.

Audition Requirements

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Please email if you need assistance.

Preparing a Recording

Make sure that the recording itself demonstrates the highest possible audio and/or video quality so that your performance can be evaluated successfully. Presentation is important. Always keep an extra copy of your audition recordings in case there are problems along the way.

There are a few precepts for any audition recording:

  • Every audition is a collection of multiple pieces or excerpts. The best tactic is for each piece to appear in a separate file (or track on a disk).
  • You may create your collection in any way you like, but each piece or excerpt must be edit-free, e.g., no editing to fix bad notes.
  • Do not electronically alter a recording.
  • Do not upload a video recording to the BMC server.
  • Do not send any audition recording via email.

Submitting a Recording

Specific instructions for submitting an audition (upload, YouTube) are given on the Audition tab of the online application.

Audition recordings will not be evaluated until the application fee is paid.