Piano Competition

The BMC Piano Competition, sponsored by the Zimmerli Foundation, occurs in the second half of the BMC summer season and is open to all full-session pianists.


Applications for the BMC Piano Competition are available after arrival at the Music Center.

Students compete with a solo program of their choice, lasting 30 to 40 minutes and containing repertoire chosen from at least three style periods. Repertoire must be approved by BMC piano faculty. Because of the format of the competition, potential competitors are encouraged to perform shorter works. Single movements from multi-movement works, e.g., sonatas, are allowed.

The competition occurs in two rounds, during the fifth week of the season:

  • In the preliminary round, on Saturday, competitors perform approximately 15 minutes. Competitors select the first piece; a judge may ask for any other piece from the competitor's repertoire list. The preliminary round is closed to the public.
  • The final round, on Sunday evening, occurs on the stage of the Porter Center and is open to the public. Each of five finalists performs a twenty-minute program drawn from the competitor's repertoire list. Winners are announced at the end of the concert.


There are five cash prizes: $3000, $2000, $1000, and two awards of $500. The top three contestants receive full scholarships to the Brevard Music Center for the following year.

Should no finalist come from the High School division, then the high school student who places highest in the preliminary round will receive a cash prize of $500.

Past Winners


Kunal Lahiry

Michael Lenahan

Dongni Xie

Pierre Desangles

Chi Zhang

Judge: Min Kwon


Sarah Chang

Tong Wang

Michael Lenahan

Corinne Penner

Conner Mautner

Judge: Roberta Rust


Vijay Venkatesh

Michael Lenahan

Joseph Kingma

Jonathan Keener

Hilary Lee

Judge: Evgeny Rivkin


Sam Gingher

Joseph Kingma

Peter Oerhtman

Curtis Smith

Jonathan Keener

Judge: Bradford Gowen


Esther Shin

Xiao Wang

Dan Sato

Curtis Smith

Nicholas Reynolds

Judge: Evelyn Chen


Sun Min Kim

Kevin Hobbs

Kunal Lahiry

Mieun Lee

Natasa Stojanovska

Judge: Charles Fugo


Sofia Chaves Hernández

Theodora Carson

Francis Yun

Mieun Lee

John Wilson

Judge: David Witten


Katherine Murray

Marion Scott

Daniel Paul Francis

Stephanie Titus

Sonya Sweeney

Judge: John Roberts


Jinha Park

Katherine Murray

Jennifer Huang

Amy Yeh

Akina Yura

Judge: John Salmon


Sharon Barnea

Tie: Cynthia Bova, Stephen Brown

Judge: Panayis Lyras


Joe Backer

Katalin Lukacs

Joshua Reece

Judge: Anne Koscielny


Mohammed Shams

Chetan Tierra

Denise Yen

Judge: Charles Webb


Chuan Cheng

Wael Farouk

Denise Yen

Judge: Charles Webb


Tie: Jing Jing Chang, Mohamed Shams

Chia-Lun Chang

Judges: Henry Janiec, Edvard Tchivzhel


Shen Liu

Gerald Lee

Katalin Lukacs

Judges: Henry Janiec, Barbara Lister-Sink


Tie: Jeremy Rafal, Nadia Sabau

Tie: Katalin Lukacs, Tara Tupper

Yin Hwa Lee

Judges: Jerome Rose, Charles Webb