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2015 Dates and Deadlines

Application Deadlines

Opera: January 26, 2015

All Other Programs (non-Opera): March 2, 2015

Please note: Applications will be accepted until enrollment is complete.

Notification Timeline

  • Students will be notified of admission and scholarship decisions via email in mid-March. (Opera applicants will be notified in mid-February). A letter and enrollment information will be sent via the USPS to those students who are admitted.
  • Students admitted to Brevard are given two weeks to pay a deposit and enroll or decline the offer of admission.
  • Tuition balance is due June 1, 2015. Failure to pay the tuition balance may result in forfeiture of the student's place at Brevard.

2015 Student Arrival Dates

Student arrival dates vary depending on the program in which they enroll. Arrival before your designated date is not possible. Please make reservations and travel plans early.

Monday, June 1Janiec Opera Company

Monday, June 8Resident Assistants

Sunday, June 14Teaching Assistants

College Orchestral Studies

Collaborative Piano

Friday, June 19College Piano and Composition

All Full Session High School students

1st Session Piano and HS Voice

Saturday, July 112nd Session Piano and HS Voice

2015 Student Departure Dates

Students may leave at the end of the season when all lessons, performing, and work study obligations are met. You must notify your RA of your departure plans during the final week of the season.

  • First-session students must be moved out of their residences by 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, July 11.
  • Most High School Division students will leave on Saturday, August 1; many will have a performing obligation with the Brevard Symphonic Winds that morning.
  • College Division students may leave after meeting all obligations, including work study duties; many will perform in the season finale Sunday, August 2.
  • RAs must stay until Monday, August 3, as stated in the RA contract.
  • Students must depart no later than Monday, August 3.